Dry-cleaning services

Sometimes it is very important to receive a fast and flexible dry-cleaner service for a yacht. A professional service team arriving swiftly aboard and cleaning things in good time is part way towards the success of a charter voyage ahead. Giving our customers’ wishes due regard and proceeding from our own experience, we offer several types of promptness-dependent service:

  1. Super urgent service: Orders are taken at any time. Time of completion is 12 hours. Team gathering and delivery aboard is by a minivan. We usually recommend this service to charter yachts when it is necessary to prepare a yacht with only a short turn around available.
  2. Urgent service: Time of completion is 24 hours. 7/7 days.
  3. Regular service: Time of completion is 3 business days.

We only cooperate with high professional dry-cleaners of good experience in handling expensive, elite textiles and clothes. Also, we render services of urgent and regular mending of clothes, textiles, curtains. We render services to crewmembers for tailored adjustment of the uniform. Our designer can develop a corporate-style uniform for your crew to look fine in their sensible clothing.